2019-2020 Print Subscription

Below you will find details on my 2019-2020 Print Subscription. The paintings that these prints will be based off of will be a special body of work. I hope that they will be my best work to date. Being a part of this subscription will give you exclusive access to these prints. They will not be re-printed or available outside of the subscription. Iā€™m looking forward to creating the work for this subscription. We hope that you will join us this year!

- Limited to 50 spots
- 6 exclusive limited edition prints (only available to sub holders)
- Size: 16x20 (full retail: $125 each)
- High quality giclee prints on museum quality fine art paper
- 15% off of any additional purchase (including original art)
- One new print will be shipped every two months for a 12 month period
- All prints are shipped flat

Billed bi-monthly: $50 + shipping (6 installments in total)


Below you will find a monthly option for those that would like to use PayPal. Price is the same and it includes shipping. There is a US and International option (use the drop down menu for your selection). Prints will be shipped Bi-monthly for the length of the subscription (one year). Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

* Image is from previous years subscription.

* Image is from previous years subscription.